Salinas Grandes Beach is a wonderful place for those who are looking for a rarely frequented beach with great waves or a desire to be more in touch with nature.  It is located approximately 25 minutes from the colonial city of León and 1.5 hours away from Managua. It offers a long, pristine coast line with 2 miles of gently sloping sand and ends at the Isla Juan Venado Natural Reserve.

There are private lots and beach front summer houses owned both by an ex-pat community (US, Canada and Europe) and local families. Throughout the year this beach and its surroundings remain peaceful and minimally occupied.  Some residents live year round and others come only for vacations and holidays.  During the holidays the population increases as this is a favorite spot for locals - especially during Holy Week (Semana Santa) when an entire carnival comes to the area.  There are a few home rentals, hostels and a small hotel on our street.

The area at the end of the street, nearest the estuary of Juan Venado Island are a number of day-use sites that provide visitors with food and beverages.  A few locations offer the rental of kayaks or have beautiful swimming pools that overlook the ocean.  This is a renowned surfing beach with local and foreign surfers coming at all different times of the year.  Surfing the beach is a favorite for both beginners (with the various surf camps and teachers) and pros, who visit the beach as a hide away paradise. The beach is known for its tube type waves


At the mouth of the river that runs through the estuary, the vegetation and seabirds confirm the entrance to a true wildlife refuge. Salinas Grandes is established as a buffer zone of the Juan Venado Island Natural Reserve for its wide mangrove territory, untouched beaches, nesting of local and migratory birds, streams where fishes, turtles and crocodiles habit, among other attractions. The reserve conservation is evident at the Salinas Grandes area. From this zone, day tours are offered.

This area is also recognized for the artisan sea salt extraction. A considerable amount of the local population work in the salt industry; while others are dedicated to fishing or farming. 

Getting There

From Managua you can take either NIC-12 or NIC-26 toward Leon.  These are both beautiful, new and well-maintained roads, once you pass through the city.  Approximately 7 miles before Leon, you will turn left to Salinas Grandes.  There is a sign, and a large Movistar cell tower there.  Our home is about 6 miles from this turn off. You will follow the gravel road to the end, traveling through small indigenous villages, through salt pond areas, and will come to the end of the road.  Turn right onto our street which is the road to the estuary.  About 1/2 way down, you will see Villa Vadasz on the left.  There is a horse stable across from the house. 


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